The structure of the spine, with it's curves and junctions needs to be maintained for optimal spinal and movement health. We'll discuss the spine, head to tail, with particular reference to curves and why they are so important from a nerve and blood supply perspective.

Understanding this essential theory will form a base for other workshops coming up this season including, Ribcage, Scoliosis, and Osteoporosis.

Practical part of the session will showcase ideas of how to optimise spinal health using exercise strategies.

Suitable for all movement pro's keen to help clients prevent the numerous consequences of a non optimal spinal posture.

Friday 14th January - 16:00 CET

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MCSP SRP, Physiotherapist, specialist in clinical application of Pilates

Zoe Queally

Zoe Queally is a UK trained Chartered Physiotherapist and has been fine tuning her clinical experience since 1996. She is a clinical specialist for spinal problems, sports injuries and repetitive strain injuries.