Who Is This Course For?

All movement professionals including;

  • Pilates Teachers

  • Yoga Instructors

  • Personal Trainers

  • Physiotherapists

  • And other body workers who would like to increase their knowledge of the breath, biomechanics and optimal movement.


MCSP SRP, Physiotherapist, specialist in clinical application of Pilates

Zoe Queally

Zoe Queally is a UK trained Chartered Physiotherapist and has been fine tuning her clinical experience since 1996. She is a clinical specialist for spinal problems, sports injuries and repetitive strain injuries.

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Tired of the same sessions? Worried that you are not helping people with pain Or that you are even making dysfunctional movement worse?

Learn to suggest modified approach to alleviate and even solve dysfunction.

I want to share with you the lessons learned in more than 25 years experience as a Physiotherapist working with clinical application of Pilates to really help you to help your clients.

What Movement Professionals Say...

Pilates Teacher

Karen Kelly

"The virtual education series with Zoe has been an immense help to me personally and professionally. Zoe has a unique ability to provide a lot of information in a clear concise relevant manner. Each module is valuable in itself and all the modules combined give a very thorough overview and lead the learner on an interesting journey via theory and movement. No matter how many times I review the sessions, I come away with another insight and light bulb moment. "

Pilates Teacher

Adele Nicol

Last year 2020, I had the opportunity to discover Zoe’s online education for movement educators and therapists. As a trained physiotherapist and Pilates teacher Zoe’s workshops provide me with an opportunity to develop my knowledge and improve my clinical reasoning skills. Zoe has a unique capacity to make anatomy accessible and interesting to anybody interested in movement. I also enjoyed her approach in getting to understand myofascial trains and understanding the body as a whole. The course content around the core helps gain a better understanding of how the musculoskeletal system works and gain a more in-depth understanding of movement dysfunctions. Her teaching online is clear, concise, and accessible. I highly recommend her virtual training. Loved it