Elbow, wrist and hand problems often originate from poor scapular mechanics covered in previous workshops. We’ll bring in this theory alongside Hand Tripod theory and it’s myofascial connections to help understand the causes of common and troublesome elbow pains such as ‘tennis’ or ‘golfers’ elbow amongst others. 

Understanding how the elbow is a slave to altered mechanics above and below will better help you help clients with these problems. All types of upper limb repetitive strain injuries can be helped knowing this knowledge. 

LIVE Class: Elbow and Hand - Grip and Tripod

Join me on Friday 12th November at 16:00 CET for a deep dive into Elbow and Hand

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MCSP SRP, Physiotherapist, specialist in clinical application of Pilates

Zoe Queally

Zoe Queally is a UK trained Chartered Physiotherapist and has been fine tuning her clinical experience since 1996. She is a clinical specialist for spinal problems, sports injuries and repetitive strain injuries.