This course will help you fine tune your knowledge on movement biomechanics from the point of view of the gait cycle. 

In this 3-part series we will be looking at the relevant anatomy and biomechanics asociated with gait and runners.  Throughout the series we'll desconstruct the different phases of gait, and the specific roles of each body section through each phase.  If you can analyse and deconstruct the dysfunctional movement through gait, you will be able to help your clients optimise their movement efficiently from the floor up.

Common problems that runners suffer with will be covered in-depth and corrective movement strategies discussed.

Part 1 will introduce, gait, phases and review the important biomechanics at each section of the body. Assessment tools and movement analysis will be covered. We'll also consider exercises that mimick the body's actiions at these different phases of gait. 

Part 2 will go deeper into the foot to the knee mechanics during the gait and running cycle. Classic imbalances and pathologies that lead to injury will also be discussed and solutions, using movement, in particular Pilates will be proposed.

Part 3 will have the focus on the trunk and upper body, once again with corrective movement strategies discussed

The workshop is ideal for movement and Pilates professionals and body workers wanting to delve a bit deeper into functional anatomy and clinical pilates.

This workshop is designed so that an improved understanding of gait and biomechanics will improve your functional and clinical pilates apllication and vice versa! Deconstructiong Pilates will help gait and deconstructing gait will help your Pilates application!! 

This will lead to an overall deepened understanding of movement biomechanics and many happier clients! 

These are theory and practical workshops. 

Clinical Pilates suggestions to help with common runners complaints will feature as part of this workshop 

Friday 17th March - 16:00 - 18.00 CET

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MCSP SRP, Physiotherapist, specialist in clinical application of Pilates

Zoe Queally

Zoe Queally is a UK trained Chartered Physiotherapist and has been fine tuning her clinical experience since 1996. She is a clinical specialist for spinal problems, sports injuries and repetitive strain injuries.